Welcome to Preorders 
-This section is for items that have no been produced yet, and will start production as soon as the preorder closes.  
-These usually take 6-8 weeks, but can take longer due to volumes the factories are doing and shipping delays (expedited shipping is no longer all that fast)... bulkier items like blankets and hoodies take long to come in (8-11 weeks)
-By ordering on a preorder you guarantee you get the sizes, styles, and quantiles you want without worrying about availability of "extras" when the shipments come in... there may not be any "extras" so preorders are great to avoid this
-Time frames do not begin when you place your order, they start when the preorder closes (that's when the order is submitted to the factories
-By ordering a preorder you are acknowledging you will be waiting for your items(s) to come in.  No refunds or claims will be given once your preorder is placed.
Please order each preorder tab separately.  There are different closing and  shipping times along with multiple different suppliers.


All preorders vary on lengths of time of arrival, they can vary 6-12 weeks.

On average leggings, joggers, loungers, skirts, shirts, shorts, and skorts take 6-8 weeks.  Bulkier items like blankets, towels, and jackets can take 8-12.

Preorder Closing 7/13- Pattern Pocket Run

Preorder Closing 7/15- Back to School Bags

Preorder Closing 7/15- Magical Favorites

Preorder Closing 7/15- Houndstooth Solids

Preorder Closing 7/16- Spooky

Preorder Closing 7/19- Belt Bags

Preorder Closing 7/17- Pajamas

Preorder Closing 7/21- Skull Run

Preorder Closing 7/22 Batch 95

Preorder Closing 7/25- Solid Houndstooth Cardigans and Peek-a-Boo Faux Denim Leggings

Preorder Closing 7/26- Little Dreamers Pajamas

Preorder Closing 7/26- Fleece or Cotton Lined Jackets